Student Groups Raise Funds with Ignite Crowdsourcing Campaign

UConn Law Ignite logo over a fall picture of the Law Library
Student Groups Raise Funds with Ignite Crowdsourcing Campaign
October 9, 2018
Hartford, CT

Twenty-two student organizations at UConn School of Law are raising funds through the fifth annual Ignite crowdfunding campaign.

Donations can be made until Nov. 4, 2018 at the Ignite website on the UConn Foundation's giving platform.

The campaign brings students throughout the University of Connecticut together to raise money for their favorite causes over the course of several weeks. Participants mobilize fellow students, alumni, family and friends via social media, email and other appeals to support student organizations.

At UConn Law, the participants include affinity groups, organizations devoted to various practice areas, and political and civic organizations.

To find about more information and to support a student organization, please visit the Ignite UConn Law website before Sunday, Nov. 4. The results of the 2018 campaign will be announced on Nov. 18.