Professor Richard Pomp Named Person of the Year for 2013 by State Tax Notes

Professor Richard Pomp
Professor Richard Pomp Named Person of the Year for 2013 by State Tax Notes
January 2, 2014
Hartford, CT

Richard Pomp, a professor at the Law School since 1976, has been named State Tax Notes person and academic of the year. He is being recognized in part for his pro bono work as the hearing officer for the Multistate tax Commission's proposed amendments to Article IV of the Multistate Tax Compact. According to the organization's press release, "Pomp's expertise is recognized by tax authorities and private sector tax specialists alike...He frequently serves as a litigation consultant to governments and to law firms, corporations, and accounting firms. Pomp is as likely to serve as an expert witness in court for the side of business taxpayer as he is for the state."

Pomp has dedicated his academic career to the teaching and study of tax law. An internationally known expert on local taxation, he is the author of State and Local Taxation, a casebook that has been used in more than ninety law schools and translated into several languages, Pomp also has taught tax law at Harvard, New York University, the University of Texas and Boston College. Author of more than eighty articles, his views on tax law are regularly solicited by local, state and national and international media. Most recently, Pomp has been quoted widely in national media on the "Amazon tax," a phrase which is now commonly used to refer to the collection of a use tax by states on Internet purchases. He also has consulted internationally on use taxes in other countries.