New Program Offers Online Start for International Students

New Program Offers Online Start for International Students
June 5, 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic restricting international travel, UConn School of Law is introducing a program to allow international students to begin studying the U.S. legal system through remote learning.

The American Legal Educational Experience, or ALEX, program will begin in the fall semester 2020. Students will study the U.S. legal system, learn legal writing in English and develop advanced legal research skills without traveling to the United States. Three 2-credit courses will be delivered online by expert law faculty, providing a foundation and a head start toward future studies.

Students who later choose to enroll in an LLM (Master of Laws) program at the UConn School of Law may be eligible to apply those credits as advanced standing toward an LLM degree. UConn Law offers LLM degrees in U.S. Legal Studies, Energy and Environmental Law, Human Rights and Social Justice, and Insurance Law.

“We know that there are international students who may not be able to get to the U.S. for the fall semester,” said Carrie Field, director of graduate and exchange programs and international programs. “We want to give them the opportunity to begin their U.S. legal experience even if they are not here.”

She said the courses are designed to introduce students to the U.S. legal system and enhance legal research and writing skills, which feature prominently in international practice. Students will be able to learn in their home countries without having to navigate uncertain travel restrictions.

“We hope this program will offer students a chance to get some introductory U.S. legal skills in a time when travel may impede their ability to travel and begin a U.S. education in Connecticut or elsewhere in the U.S.,” Field said.

The application deadline for the ALEX program is July 10, 2020. Because of the pandemic, UConn School of Law will not charge the $50 application fee for Fall 2020. Learn more about the ALEX program.