Salome Chapeyama
LLM Student Q&A: Salome Chapeyama

Salome Chapeyama is a Fulbright Scholar from Malawi, where she has worked as an insurance lawyer for four years. She is studying for an LLM in Insurance Law.

1. What made you want to attend law school?
I did my LLB undergraduate studies in Malawi and graduated in 2012. At the time that I joined law school, my interest was simply in becoming a lawyer. To be honest, I had no idea at the time which part of the law I wanted to specialise in. It is when I started practicing the law that I saw myself gaining more and more interest in corporate law. With my interest in corporate law, I joined Reunion Insurance Company in Malawi where I have worked as an in-house legal counsel and compliance officer for about 4 years.

2. Why did you choose UConn School of Law?
When you Google “Which city is the insurance capital of the world?” what comes up? Hartford. What better place to study Insurance Law than a university that offers one of the best LLM Insurance programs and situated in the insurance capital itself? Also, the Fulbright Scholarship which sponsors me placed me at UConn; thankfully.

3. How do you want to use your LLM degree?
I would like to use my knowledge and research in insurance to make a positive impact in the insurance sector. I think that having sound financial institutions is important for the economic development of any country in the world.

4. What is the most challenging aspect of starting law school in this difficult time?
Being a law student, I was used to carrying, reading and flipping through big books. However, with distance learning and physical libraries closed, I have to embrace scrolling, downloading and saving numerous PDFs which I hope I will read. Seriously, though, as an international student, I feel that I am missing out on the cultural exchange aspect and the physical experiences of studying law in the U.S.

5. What’s your favorite lawyer movie, TV show, or book?
I am not sure whether I can call it favourite but it is the first movie that came to my mind, “My Cousin Vinny.” I found it hilarious! I must have watched this movie in my first year of law school to feel lawyerly. Otherwise, I think there was also a time I was glued to "Boston Legal."