Helena Verhuyck
LLM Student Q&A: Helena Verhuyck

Helena Verhuyck is a Belgian studying for an LLM in U.S. Legal Studies as an exchange student while simultaneously earning a dual degree at the University of Antwerp.

1. What made you want to attend law school?
Honestly, I've always sort of liked to have discussions. There's so much power in being able to thoroughly motivate a certain point of view. Combining this with legal studies means that I could not just generally motivate but also legally motivate certain topics. I have a strong sense for justice. Besides that, "law" is just such a broad field of study, giving me plenty of opportunities for later. 

2. Why did you choose UConn School of Law?
From the onset of my studies, I've known that I wanted to study abroad. I checked every possible destination and researched all the partners of the University of Antwerp. I even made an Excel sheet with my top destinations, with all the pros and cons of every university. UConn became my number one choice, and I have to say: there are no “cons” about it, I only see pros! Furthermore, when I heard that Hartford is known as "the insurance capital of the world," my choice became all the more obvious. Since I have interests in insurance, the opportunity to study in the insurance capital of the world is one I want to seize with both hands! 

3. How do you want to use your LLM degree? 
I don't have specific ambitions yet, a degree in law just provides so many opportunities. There are a lot of options I didn't even have the chance to explore yet. I hope that this experience abroad will bring me more wisdom, so I can further discover the legal world. 

4. What is the most challenging aspect of starting law school in this difficult time?
Seeing that I'm really a social butterfly, I will definitely miss the social contact the most. Small things like grabbing a coffee before class, or having lunch breaks together with other students are really things that make law school fun. Although the Fall semester will be fully online, I'm cautiously optimistic that I will still virtually make some friends. Hopefully I can physically join them in the Spring semester. Miss Corona owes me at least a lunch! ;-) 

5. What’s your favorite lawyer movie, TV show, or book?
I love my classics, so I can't NOT say "Legally Blonde" (cliché, I know). I just really adore her general unbothered vibe. "What? Like it's hard?". Besides that, I also like "Suits."