Law and Business Students Team Up For Negotiation Competition

Law and Business Students Team Up For Negotiation Competition
January 30, 2019
Hartford, CT

UConn law and business students negotiated a corporate merger and a three-way division of assets in a competition held on the law school campus on Jan. 26 and 27, 2019.

Blended teams of more than 40 JD and MBA candidates participated in the fifth annual UConn Business Law Negotiation Competition. On the first day, the students competed as teams, acting as investors and founders of a new business venture, tasked with negotiating a merger. On Sunday, the students competed individually, each playing out a scenario where three travelers stumble upon unexpected treasure in a cave and must divide it before the cave collapses.

 The team of law students Dev Awasthi ‘21 and David Villa ’21, and business student Rainer Bangi ’19 won the competition. That made them eligible to apply to enter The Negotiation Challenge, an international competition that will be held in Kyoto, Japan, in March 2019.

The students were judged on their ability to meet their clients’ goals and on how well they worked with other parties to find mutually beneficial solutions. The judges were practicing business professionals and lawyers.

UConn Law Professor Jessica Rubin, who coordinated the event with Professor Nora Madjar from the School of Business, said the competition helps sharpen everyday skills needed in both business and law.

“The ability to negotiate effectively is essential for not only business and law students, but for any young professional,” Rubin said. “It’s also very realistic to be collaborating with people from other fields and disciplines.”

The second-place team of law students Shannon Nolan ’21 and Yadilza Reyes ‘21and business student Takeya Hilliard became eligible to apply for The Warsaw Negotiation Round, an annual competition held in Warsaw, Poland, in April 2019.

“Every single person here showed so much progress over the two days,” Rubin said. “We are very proud of that and very excited to see where the two teams still competing will go.”

The two-day competition was held in the Thomas J. Meskill Law Library.