Darcy Kirk to become new associate dean for academic affairs

Associate Dean Darcy Kirk
Darcy Kirk to become new associate dean for academic affairs

Reprinted with permission from Pro Se, the student newspaper at UConn Law

May 30, 2014
Hartford, CT

Dean Timothy Fisher announced to the UConn Law community on March 20th that Darcy Kirk has been named associate dean for academic affairs for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Kirk, the current associate dean for library and technology will replace Associate Dean Leslie Levin, who has held the position for the past two years. “You learn many things about an institution when you become academic dean,” Levin said. “I already knew that UConn Law School was a very special place, but this experience has reconfirmed my view.” During Levin’s tenure as academic dean, UConn Law expanded its faculty as well as clinic and externship offerings available to students. “We have hired six new faculty members, including two who will start in Fall 2014,” she said. “We have added some great externship clinics and courses, including the US Attorneys’ Office Clinic and the Business of Law Course.”

In addition to these improvements, she also spoke about the increased presence of the LL.M. programs on campus. “We continue to build our LL. M. programs, which allows us to bring international students into our classrooms and enrich the educational experience,” she said.

In an e-mail to faculty, staff, and students, Fisher said Kirk would likely assume the role during the first half of the summer. He spoke about her experience in her current role as an asset to her new position. “I am looking forward to having the benefit of her deep knowledge of our curriculum and systems, and to her valuable support as we continue our exciting changes at the Law School,” he said.

Levin echoed similar excitement about Dean Kirk’s qualifications for the new position. “She previously served in this role for one semester when the academic dean was away,” said Levin. “She truly knows more about the operations of the law school than any other faculty member.”

Kirk has been at the Law School since 1996 as director of the library and a tenured professor at the Law School since 2000. She teaches Higher Education Law and Advanced Legal Research.