Center for Children's Advocacy Named Model Program

Center for Children's Advocacy Named Model Program
August 17, 2017
Hartford, CT

The American Bar Association has established the Homeless Youth Legal Network to connect homeless young people to legal services and has named the Center for Children's Advocacy in Hartford a model program.

The Center for Children's Advocacy, which is affiliated with UConn School of Law, is dedicated to helping abused and neglected children, improving educational success and access to health care, preventing truancy, reducing referrals to the juvenile justice system and generating systemic reform.

As a model agency for the Homeless Youth Legal Network -- the only one in New England -- the center will document best practices, serve as a model for replication, provide technical assistance to emerging programs and share data on legal barriers and improved outcomes resulting from legal advocacy.

“The Homeless Youth Legal Network is a fine example of how the American Bar Association can link youth experiencing homelessness with experts in the legal community who can help,” ABA President Linda A. Klein said. “This project, made possible with a grant from the ABA Enterprise Fund, shows how we can harness the power and reach of the ABA to improve access to justice by providing much-needed legal assistance to vulnerable populations.”