Jill Flanigan '24 
1L Student Q&A: Jill Flanigan '24 

Jill Flanigan is a veteran of the U.S. Navy who came to Connecticut from Montana. She teaches Health Information Management at Middlesex Community College and is enrolled in the Evening Division at UConn Law.

1. What made you want to attend law school?
I have worked in health information management in several different roles and organizations. In this field, much of the work involves ensuring compliance with regulations. I have often found those regulations less than effective or helpful in improving healthcare. More recently, I have been teaching health information management and this has provided me with new insights into our educational system. I see opportunity in the law to influence public policy to improve health and education.  

2. Why did you choose UConn School of Law?
I earned an undergraduate degree from UConn and I had a positive experience. When I decided that I wanted to apply to law school, UConn was the only school I considered. 

3. How do you want to use your law degree?
I look at the law degree as the key to becoming a change agent in the development and application of public policy. With interests in health care and education, I am open to a variety of opportunities. 

4. What is the most challenging aspect of starting law school in this difficult time?
While it is disappointing that we will not be able to meet faculty and students in person this semester, there may be an advantage. I am working from home and will be attending class virtually, eliminating commuting time from my day. I think this gift of time will be a valuable resource for starting law school. 

5. What’s your favorite lawyer movie, TV show, or book?
I confess to having read "To Kill a Mockingbird" many times, but I think it is a little too sad to be called a favorite. Instead, I will select a movie, "Miracle on 34th Street." My choice is not without some worrisome aspects, including the topic of persons being involuntarily committed, but I do enjoy the happy ending. The hero, Attorney Fred Gailey, winning Kris Kringle’s case in a dramatic courtroom scene followed by everyone living happily ever after makes this one my favorite.