1L Student Q&A: Angelica Matos '23

Angelica Matos

Angelica Matos '23 is an evening student from New York City. She graduated from Lehigh University with a bachelor of arts degree in political science and global studies, as well as a master's degree in political science. She also has a graduate certificate in counselor education from North Carolina State University.

1. What made you want to attend law school?
As a first generation college student I was interested in any career that would result in generational wealth. It wasn’t until I took an Intro Chemistry class my first year in undergrad that I realized that was not something I was passionate in. My father reminded me that my strengths had always lain in social studies, writing, history and “debate” (though of an informal degree). I decided to take a political science class and fell in love - I was immediately engaged and wanted to continue that same level of excitement in classes where I could discuss the various injustices and opportunities, to discuss and debate in a productive manner on matters that impact us all. I knew I wanted to pursue law school later in my college career. As I embarked on my career in Student Affairs, supporting students at various institutions through guidance and advocacy whilst managing various life transitions, this idea of pursuing law school kept coming to the forefront of mind. I always referred to this chapter as a dream deferred, and it feels like an incredible blessing to finally be able to see it come into fruition.

2. Why did you chose UConn School of Law?
I actually work at UConn in Student Affairs. Despite the proximity and benefits that come with working and attending the same institution, I still applied to seven law schools, as I was nervous about being a part of such a competitive pool of applicants. Ultimately, I got into all seven schools and when it came time to make a decision, I visited my top two, UConn School of Law being one of them. Upon visiting UConn School of Law, on multiple occasions now, I’ve had positive and just outright supportive interactions with the staff and the students. I just felt really at home where I can also feel challenged academically but supported personally as I pursue this dream of mine while still working full-time and being a single mother. The Admitted Students Day sealed the deal for me that I was going to be a Husky!

3. What are you most looking forward to in these next few years?
I am looking forward to learning in the classroom again and on topical areas that have intrigued me for so long. I also look forward to being able to see ways in which I can integrate and connect the work I do professionally to what I will be learning. Ultimately, I look forward to graduation with my son by my side.

4. What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time I spend time with my 3-and-a-half-year-old son, Tre, and my 2-year-old dog, Woody. I love the movies - especially Marvel/DC movies, working out and I love reading books.

5. How do you want to use your law degree?
I hope to be able to use my law degree in a university setting in being able to support students and staff while being able to influence the policies that are designed to ensure they thrive while being inclusive in their implementation.

6. What is your favorite lawyer movie?
My favorite lawyer movie is "Philadelphia."