Room Rental Rates

UConn School of Law reserves the right to charge for the use of Law School Facilities. See below for a list of room fees, additional IT service fees, and additional service fees. 

All use of Law School Facilities is governed by the Facilities Usage Policy, which is incorporated by reference into this document, and all capitalized terms used here are defined in the Facilities Usage Policy. A link to excerpts from the Facilities Usage Policy is included at the end of this page.

Room Fees



Internal Group (Non-Exempt)

External Group

Reading Room

180 seated, 225 standing



Janet M. Blumberg Hall

56 seated, 80 standing



Davis Courtroom

90 fixed seats



Koskoff Courtroom

48 fixed seats



Chase 110, Chase 210

70 fixed seats



Other Classrooms




Whole Campus (includes Reading Room, Janet M. Blumberg Hall, one or both courtrooms, and five or more other classrooms)




Additional IT Service Fees

IT Service  

Internal Group (Non-Exempt)

External Group

Package 1 (RR): One podium, one podium mic, one handheld mic, and associated speakers



Package 2 (RR): Package 1 plus lapel mic, projector, screen, and associated cables



Package 3 (RR):  Package 2 plus second screen, second projector, four table mics, and associated cables



Package 4 (JMB):  Lapel mic and four table mics



Teleconferencing (domestic only)



Skype Setup (any room)



Recording:  1 copy on a flash drive



Recording:  Post-production



Additional Service Fees

Additional Services 


Opening when normally closed


Additional fees beyond 8 hours

20% of costs per day, per additional hour

M-F evening events charge (after 5 p.m.)


Outdoor tent fees


Parking fees (for every 50 cars)


Cleaning fees

$200 for left materials, plus any abnormal cleaning will be billed at cost plus 25%

Security fees (see Facilities Usage Policy)

$500 minimum, $125 per additional hour

Cancellation fees (before 30 days prior to event)

25% of deposit

Cancellation fees (after 30 days prior to event)

100% of deposit

Fee Policies
  • The fees for Blumberg Hall and the Reading Room include chairs and tables laid out in one of several predetermined configurations, up to three tables set up outside for registration and check-in, and white tablecloths for all tables.  Additional tables and linens are the responsibility and cost of the requesting entity. 
  • The fees for all rooms include any IT equipment permanently affixed to and associated with the room.  Additional IT services listed in the IT Fees table may be requested, and are subject to availability of requested equipment and staff. 
  • All Room Fees and IT Packages allow for events of up to 8 hours in duration, starting at registration check-in time (and excluding any set-up time by Facilities staff).  Room Fees and IT Packages will be reduced to 60% of cost shown if the event runs for 3 hours or less in duration, including registration check-in time.  This reduction does not apply to IT Fees that are not IT Packages. 
    • Deposits & Cancellations
    • An entity seeking to reserve a room must provide 50% of the total fees owed as a deposit.  The full fee is due and payable one week before the event.  Failure to pay the full fee at that time will result in cancellation of the event and release of the reserved room(s). 
    • No refunds will be issued if the sponsoring entity cancels the event thirty days prior to the reserved date, or later.  
    • 75% of the deposit will be issued if the sponsoring entity cancels the event before thirty days before the reserved date. 
Exemptions from Fees

The following Internal Groups are exempt from fees of any kind, provided that they are not requesting the use of a Law School Facility on behalf of or for the use of an External Group, and provided that they are not acting outside of the scope of their employment (if any): 

  • Law School Departments
  • Law School Faculty (non-adjunct faculty) conducting workshops, candidate visits, student events, and special lectures
  • Law Student Organizations
  • Connecticut Bar Foundation
  • Sentencing Commission
  • UConn President's Office
  • UConn Provosts Office
  • UConn Board of Trustees
  • UConn Law School Alumni Association
  • UConn Alumni Association
  • UConn Foundation
  • UConn Foundation Board

Other Internal Groups are not exempt from such fees.  

In addition to the above Internal Groups, the Connecticut Judicial Branch is exempt from room fees, but not other fees. 

The Events Coordinator shall evaluate and recommend additional requests for waivers, which may include the following considerations: not for profit status, connection to campus, benefit to students, and benefit to institutional reputation.