About the Law School Website

Responsibility for the Law School's web presence is a collaborative effort. A team of individuals is actively working on continuous development of the Law School's website. Staff in information technology handles website operations, security and infrastructure, while the staff of the communications department handles content development, as well as policies and standards for branding. The assistant dean of students also plays an active role in website content management including the development and maintenance of the student portal and other student-focused content development. The web team welcomes feedback and participation by all Law School community members in the content development process.

Developing A New Website

The web team is charged with the development and oversight of the web presence of the UConn Law School. The website development process began in January 2013 with a goal of launching a new public web presence later that year. Early in the development process, the web team identified three guiding principles to govern the development of the new website. The new design was developed to be attractive, well organized and sustainable. Other early determinations included a goal to use responsive web design and adhere to the WCAG 2.0 accessibility standard. The process involved  many stakeholders and content providers who worked with the team to identify and categorize the website content.

The web team met their goal on August 15, 2013 by launching not only a new main website, but a new library website and two information portal websites targeted to faculty and staff and another for students. The web team is proud to have been able to coincide the launch with the start of a new school year and the installment of Dean Timothy S. Fisher. Members of the web team continue to reinforce to members of the Law School community that the website will never be "complete" as many content projects are on going and new material is added on a regular basis.

Law School community members are encouraged to participate and assist in the process by working with designated "content heads" for each section of the website to develop new or improved content. Please continue reading for more information on the project proposal process.

Content Proposals and Modifications

The Law School web team works with a variety of designated faculty and staff who serve as content heads for each section of the website.

Members of the Law School community who have ideas for new content or modifications to current content are advised to contact the web team for assistance in identifying the appropriate content head with whom to pursue the project. Once the proposer and the content head have reached consensus on project scope and goals, the web team should be consulted for guidance and advice on matters of structure and content development.

The web team meets weekly to receive proposals and review progress on current projects.

If you are interested in proposing a content project, please contact webfeedback.law@uconn.edu to start the process.


Members of the Law School community and the general public are welcome to report any typographical errors, general errors, or bad links. Please send all details including a URL link and, if applicable, a screenshot to webfeedback.law@uconn.edu. Your submissions will be given prompt attention.