1L Student Q&A: Oliver Sherman '20

Oliver Sherman '20

Oliver Sherman, 23, comes to UConn School of Law from his hometown of Essex, Connecticut, although he has also spent a considerable amount of time in Los Angeles, California. He earned his undergraduate degree from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, where he took several courses in Mandarin Chinese. Oliver's profile is part of a series of First Year Q&As that aims to introduce a few members of the incoming class to the UConn Law community.

How have your first few days at UConn Law been? Did anything in particular stand out to you?
The first few days of UConn Law have been a blast; I am really encouraged by the community’s social consciousness, passion for knowledge and respect for others. One thing that stands out is the diversity amongst our student body. Although it appears the majority of UConn Law students hail from Connecticut, each student still offers a variety of experiences and backgrounds.

What made you want to attend law school?
My father is a criminal defense lawyer and, from shadowing him around, I have always been fascinated with the law. However, my determination to become a lawyer was solidified when my father’s Chinese clients articulated that my bilingual skills in Mandarin and English, combined with a thorough understanding of the American legal system, could be of service to the Chinese community.

Why were you drawn to UConn Law?
I am drawn to UConn’s plethora of study abroad opportunities and esteemed faculty.

Outside of class, what experiences are you looking forward to during your time at UConn Law?
I am looking forward to contributing to UConn Campus Democrats.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I am an exercise nut. I love to swim, play basketball, tennis and horseback ride. I also love foreign languages and am learning Spanish and Chinese. I also really like playing chess.