1L Student Q&A: Adam Kuegler '20

Adam Kuegler '20

Adam Kuegler, 22, of Watertown, Connecticut, earned a BA in Political Science with minors in English and Spanish from UConn Storrs before beginning his 1L year at UConn School of Law. Adam's profile is one in a series of First Year Q&As that aims to introduce a few members of the incoming class to the UConn Law community.

How have your first few days at UConn Law been? Did anything in particular stand out to you?
The first few days of law school have been challenging, exhausting and informative. Orientation presented the opportunity to meet many new friends. The sense of community among new students seemed to form more quickly than I expected. The first week of classes kept me on my toes and showed me the importance of working together with classmates to understand difficult content.

What made you want to attend law school?
I wanted to attend law school because of how I saw lawyers using the law as a tool for good. After taking an undergraduate class that Professor Fischl taught in Storrs, I knew that law school would be my next step. I enjoyed how learning about the law made me change my style of thinking. I also gained a better understanding of why the world needs good lawyers in such a complex legal system.

Why were you drawn to UConn Law?
I was drawn to UConn Law because of the sense of community that many people told me was present here. I am glad that my first experiences here confirm the presence of that quality. I wanted to be at a place where everyone wanted their peers to succeed.

Outside of class, what experiences are you looking forward to during your time at UConn Law?
I am looking forward to becoming involved in clinics, internships and other volunteer opportunities. One of our professors has already spoken to our class about how law students can help with the legal crisis in Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. It is great to know that we can already begin using the law to help people.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities like golfing, hiking, and fishing. I also enjoy following politics and the news. I am a huge fan of the Yankees and the Miami Dolphins.