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Insurance Law Journal

Connecticut Insurance Law Journal provides a forum for professional and academic writing in all areas of insurance law practice, from coverage disputes to conflicts of interest, as well as areas of special interest to the industry, such as taxation and regulation of insurance companies. It also explores theoretical and conceptual issues and alternatives to insurance. It is managed entirely by a student editorial board that solicits, edits, and publishes articles and book reviews written by scholars, judges, and practicing attorneys.

Advisor:  Peter Siegelman


Editorial Board

Editor-In-Chief:  Jeff Mastrianni
Managing Editor:  Ashely Noel
Administrative Editor:  Cheryl Povilonis
Assistant Managing Editor:  Courtney Hays
Executive Editors:  Paul Arce, Liam Bailey, Alexandra Crean, Mike Randall
Notes & Comments Editors:  Pamela Bass, Alison Iannotti, Melissa Lauretti, Hannah Reischer
Lead Articles Editors: PJ Anastasio, Emily McDonnell
Legal Abstract Editor: Michael Hernandez
Research Editor: Eva Kolstsad
Symposium Editor: Emily Deans
Technology Editor: Nicole Ackerman
Competition Editor: Michael Pellin

Contact Information

65 Elizabeth Street
Hartford, CT 06105