Weather Closing Information for Students

Weather Closing Information for Students

How Campus Closures are Decided

  • Closing decisions are made in collaboration with the Provost's office, often at a 4:30 am conference call
  • Law School input includes an assessment of conditions at the Law School's location
  • Different University campuses may have different closing decisions based on local conditions
  • The closing decision is never made lightly, and must balance academic and safety needs
  • Individual students who are not comfortable driving in the existing weather conditions may exercise their discretion not to do so

How We Communicate about Closures

  • Law School closing announcements will emailed to the Students list and recorded on the Law School hotline: 860-570-5145
  • The University will send general announcements via text to those who have registered for the notification service at and to the media
  • A general announcement banner may appear on the Law School website pages
  • Please read any general announcements carefully to determine whether or not they apply to the Law School

Other Details

  • Normally cars may not be left on campus overnight; any car left on campus may be towed to allow for plowing
  • If you must leave a car overnight, contact the UConn Police at 860-570-5173
  • The City of Hartford may impose on-street parking bans during snowstorms