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Admitted Student Checklist

Admitted Student Checklist
  1. Upload a photo for your UConn Husky One Card (UConn ID). All students are required to have a UConn ID and must upload their own photo. Detailed instructions are available as a downloadable pdf.
  2. Update your profile in the Student Administration System (PeopleSoft), please include your current email and local address.
  3. Complete the Getting Started checklist on the Information Technology page for email and account information.
  4. International students only: Complete the INS biographic survey. For a copy of the form please email the graduate studies office.
  5. File your immunization record.
  6. Review your health insurance needs.
  7. Sign up for the University Alert Notification System.
  8. Review your schedule of classes.
  9. Transfer, visiting, exchange, and LL.M. students: submit course selections to the registrar's office.
  10. Send all final required admissions credentials (i.e., your final transcript).
    J.D., visiting and transfer students send materials to the Admissions Office.
    LL.M. and SJD students send materials to the Graduate Programs Office.
    Exchange students send materials to the International Programs Office.
  11. Authorize use of financial aid to cover university charges (Title IV funds), if applicable.
  12. Complete Federal Student Loan entrance counseling, if applicable.
  13. Complete Direct Federal Student Loan Master Promissory Note(s) if applicable.
  14. Sign up for Direct Deposit. If you do not sign up for direct deposit, please make sure you have updated your local address as any refund owed will be mailed to your most recent address in the Student Administration system.
  15. Out-of-state students only: Review process for becoming a Connecticut resident.
  16. JD Students: Complete all necessary forms and send to the JD Admissions Office, including:
    1. College Certification Form
    2. Final undergraduate transcript
  17. Exchange students: Complete all necessary forms to the international programs office, including:
    1. Notice of Intention
    2. Financial Declaration
    3. Request for Issuance of DS-2019
    4. Arrival Sheet
    5. Personal Information Sheet
  18. Tuition payments are due on August 1, 2015. If you are receiving financial aid, your tuition will be deferred until your loans are received. For information about payment plans and other methods of payment please visit the bursar's web page.