Weather Closing Information for Staff

Weather Closing Information for Staff

How Campus Closures are Decided

  • Closing decisions are made in collaboration with the Provost's office, often at a 4:30 a.m. conference call.
  • Law School input includes an assessment of conditions at the Law School's location.
  • Different University campuses may have different closing decisions, based on local conditions.
  • The closing decision is never made lightly, and must balance academic and safety needs.
  • Individual employees should evaluate their routes and exercise appropriate judgment when making a decision as to whether to report for work or not. Supervisors should be receptive to requests for time off from persons designated as non-emergency support services.

How We Communicate about Closures

  • Law School closing announcements will be emailed to the staff list and recorded on the Law School hotline at 860-570-5145.
  • The University will send general announcements via text to those who have registered for the notification service at and to the media.
  • A general announcement banner may appear on the Law School website pages.
  • Please read any general announcements carefully to determine whether they apply to the Law School.

Staff Time Reporting Details

  • In the event of a delay, closure or early release, University Payroll may ask staff to report WW time on our timecards. Staff will be given details should this occur.
  • If an employee is on a scheduled day off due to sick leave, vacation, personal leave, earned time or leave of absence without pay during an official Law School closing, delay or early release, the employee’s time will be charged as scheduled and he/she will not receive WW time unless provided otherwise in collective bargaining agreements.
  • Any staff member who opts to leave early or not come in when a weather closure has not been announced must use accrued leave for all hours not worked, even if a weather closure is later announced.
  • AFSCME members may consult Section 13 of their contract for details about lateness due to inclement weather or hazardous driving conditions.

Other Details

  • Normally cars may not be left on campus overnight; any car left on campus may be towed to allow for plowing.
  • If you must leave a car overnight, contact the UConn Police at 860-570-5173.
  • The City of Hartford may impose on-street parking bans during snowstorms.