Business & Research Travel

Business & Research Travel

The University requires that employees submit a travel approval request before travelling, whatever the source of funding for the travel. The University provides insurance for international travel. The University Travel Office policy establishes reimbursement levels and other procedures.


1. Secure Funding

  • For Law School funding
    • Faculty: consult with the associate dean for research
    • Staff: consult with your department head
  • Other funding sources
    • Faculty
      • Law School Foundation research funds
      • Fellowship or professorship funds: check terms with the dean's office if unsure
      • UConn Research Foundation (UCRF): Application
      • Faculty may ask members of the faculty support services (FSS) for assistance completing this form
    • Staff
      • UCPEA Professional Development funds: Details

2. Complete a travel approval form

Travel must be approved in advance. If your lead time is short, call the dean’s office for advice. Faculty may ask FSS for assistance in completing this form.

3. Make Travel Arrangements

  • The University prefers that transportation be booked through one of the University vendors
    • Sanditz: 1-860-658-1901
    • Orbitz for Business: 1-800-320-2158
    • If transportation is booked personally, please be aware that cancellation of travel cannot be reimbursed, and normal reimbursement times may be as long as 6 or 8 weeks.
  • Per diem lodging and meal caps are determined on a city-by-city basis
  • Mileage Rates

4. While Travelling

Please keep all original receipts. If dates of travel change, a revised travel approval must be submitted before the University Travel Office can process your reimbursement.

5. Reimbursement

If funding is from the Law School Foundation, complete an LSF request for disbursement and attach receipts. Route the voucher to the assistant dean for finance and administration.

If funding is from the Law School, UCRF, or UCPEA, within 15 days after return, complete the Travel Reimbursement Request form and submit original receipts/documentation to the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration. To expedite reimbursement from these sources, consider completing the form for direct deposit of reimbursements.