A collage of various law books.
Representative Recent Works

Stephen Utz, Federal Tax Law: Practice, Problems, and Perspective (Wolters Kluwer 2013)

Stephen Utz, Federal Tax Code and Regulations: Selected Provisions with Review Problems: 2013-2014 Supplement to Federal Tax Law: Practice, Problems, and Perspective (Wolters Kluwer 2013)

Stephen Utz (with Martin Häublein), ed., Rechtsgeschäft, Methodenlehre und Darüber Hinaus: Liber Amicorum für Detlef Leenen (DeGruyter 2012)

Book Chapters

Lewis Kurlantzick, "The Problematic Character of the Case for Regulation of Steroids," in Steroids and Doping in Sports (David E. Newton ed., ABC-CLIO Publishers 2014)

Steven Wilf, “The Decalogue as Legal Transplant in Contemporary America” in The Influences of the Decalogue: Historical and Cultural Perspectives, Dominik Markl, ed. (Sheffield: Sheffield Press, 2013)


Richard D. Pomp, Report of the Hearing Officer on the MTC Proposals to Amend the Uniform Division of Income for Tax Purposes Act (2013)


Dalié Jiménez, D. James Greiner, Lois R. Lupica, and Rebecca L. Sandefur, “Improving the Lives of Individuals in Financial Distress Using a Randomized Control Trial: A Research and Clinical Approach,” 20 Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law & Policy 449 (Spring 2013)

Diana Leyden, “Section 7433’s Statute of Limitations: How Courts Have Wrongly Turned a Taxpayer’s Exclusive Sword into the IRS’ Shield Against Damages, 61 Cleveland State Law Review (2013)

Molly Land, “Toward an International Law of the Internet,” 54 Harvard International Law Journal 393 (2013)

Ángel R. Oquendo, “Six Degrees of Separation:  From Derivative Suits to Shareholder Class Actions,” 48 Wake Forest Law Review 101 (2013)

Steven Wilf, “Making Intellectual Property Law in the Shadow of Law: International News Service v. Associated Press,” 5 World Intellectual Property Organization Journal (2013)

Steven Wilf, “Review of David M. Rabban’s Law’s History: American Legal Thought and the Transatlantic Turn to History” (Law & History Review, 2013)

Richard A. Wilson, “A Gangster’s Paradise? Framing Crime in Sub Saharan Africa,” 4 Humanity: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism and Development 449 (Winter 2013)

Richard A. Wilson, “Global Legal Pluralism,” 40 Journal of Law and Society 706 (2013)

Other Publications

Leslie Levin, Peter Siegelman, and Christine Zozula, “A Study of the Relationship Between Bar Admissions Data and Subsequent Lawyer Discipline (Law School Admission Council (LSAC), March 2013)

Leslie Levin, (with Melanie Abbott and Stephen Wizner), “Report to the Connecticut Judicial Branch Access to Justice Commission” (February 2013)