Special Programs

The American Legal Education Experience (ALEX) prepares students for the demands of the U.S. law school environment, develops students’ legal-communication skills, and introduces students to the U.S. legal system of common law analysis and argument. This program is ideal for international lawyers who are interested in experiencing U.S. legal education or will start a U.S. LL.M. program (not necessarily at UConn) and who would like to gain preparatory experience before starting their programs.Read more about ALEX »

Each year, the Law School welcomes international visitors, including professors, judges, government officials and advanced research students. Each visitor enriches the intellectual life of the Law School, brings new insight to the students, promotes collaborative research with the faculty and builds reciprocal ties to international institutions and organizations. Read more about the Visiting Scholars Program »

Exchange to LL.M Program

The Exchange to LL.M. Program allows past exchange students who attended UConn Law to apply for UConn Law’s LL.M degree in U.S. Legal Studies upon the completion of their first degree in law. The program allows for the application of credits earned during the exchange semester(s) to be applied toward a LL.M. in US Legal Studies.Read more about the Exchange to LL.M Program here »