LAW7577 - Advanced Topics in Legislation

LAW7577 - Advanced Topics in Legislation

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Legislative Process will introduce students to all aspects of legislative oversight, legislative drafting, lobbying, budgets and appropriations. The course will include a theoretical introduction to the legislative process and then address how that process works in reality. Students will learn from local experts including lobbyists, congressional committee staff, and/or agencies' congressional liaison staff about how Congress works and about how non-federal actors interact with Congress. Students will also engage in an extended project in which they propose new legislation and develop a strategy to get it enacted. The project will require students to draft documents such as talking points, congressional testimony, Q&As for hearings, and ultimately the legislation itself, and will include an oral presentation component. This course is required for students enrolled in the Semester in DC Program and must be taken concurrently with Advanced Topics in Regulation and the Semester in DC Field Placement. Students should note due to the significant work required by the DC program they are strongly discouraged from taking on additional credits, including Special Research Projects, while enrolled in the program.