LAW7576 - Advanced Topics in Regulation

LAW7576 - Advanced Topics in Regulation

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Advanced Topics in Regulation will begin with a one-week "boot camp" in administrative law to refresh those who have already taken the course and provide an essential grounding for those who haven't yet done so, as they begin their agency work. The course will then take up more advanced topics not covered in the traditional administrative law curriculum ? the inter-agency process, issues of agency capture, and intra-agency process, and the process of policy development -- drawing on both the theoretical literature and the practical experience and observations of students in their own externships. The skills portion of the course will include a collaborative project in which they work in groups to propose a new regulation and develop a strategy to achieve certain outcomes. Students will prepare briefing and decision memos and deliver oral presentations, which together are intended to simulate the work of an agency legal staff member at all stages of the legal and policy decision-making process. The course will also opportunities for "guided reflections" by students on their work experience as well as visits to federal agencies, where students will hear from senior staff about their involvement with the regulatory process. This course is required for students enrolled in the Semester in DC Program and must be taken concurrently with Advanced Topics in Legislation and the Semester in DC Field Placement. Students should note due to the significant work required by the DC program they are strongly discouraged from taking on additional credits, including Special Research Projects, while enrolled in the program.